Thursday, November 5, 2009

Focus Shay Shay: One Goal at a Time!

Have you ever felt like you were floating through life without a plan or focus? Or, do you have so much going on that you are trying to accomplish it all and rarely accomplish much on target?

Well, it gets like that sometimes. Lately, I've been super busy! I'm juggling quite a bit: work, maintaining my relationship, family-ship, and friendships, managing my volunteerism and tennis, and of course trying to stay the course on this journey toward Losing Fat and Winning. Over the last couple months I have been overwhelmed to the point that my shoulders would just get tight and in knots--which rarely happens to me. Not good Shay Shay!

Recently, I learned an important lesson--on the tennis courts (see my addiction is a good thing!). In the first round of a recent play-off match, my captain/partner and I just couldn't get it together. At one point, we started talking about ALL the things we needed to do to get back on track. We were talking fast; talking on top of each other--we were just trying to figure it out because we don't lose 0-6--EVER! Then, my partner shared some wisdom: "okay, we're trying to do to much. We need to focus on one thing at a time." Ah, makes so much sense.

We eventually pulled it together in the second set and won, and almost had the whole match won as we played a third set tie-break. Although we lost the match, we fought hard. We recovered from a big ol' doughnut (there is no LOVE when the 0 is yours) in the first set that could have lead to a total beat down in the second set--but we were not going down like that!

I took the loss pretty tough, though--especially after being the top seed in the entire flight! But, I learned a great lesson on the court that day that I'm trying to implement in small steps in my every day life. Already I've accomplished some small goals in my daily life using this simple lesson: Focus; One Goal at a Time.

Stay tuned . . .