Monday, November 29, 2010

A Great Virginia Holiday and It Really Doesn't Have to be Either/Or!

There really isn't a place like home! I spent Thanksgiving in my little rural, one traffic light county--Surry. With my mother and grandmother, great food at the house is just standard and a major temptation! But I prevailed!

I exercised what I thought was amazing discipline. I indulged but didn't over indulge. I worked out almost everyday. The pay off was great! I came back home with my jeans fitting looser than they did when I left (I wasn't so disciplined during my birthday week, so they were definitely fitting a tad snug! LOL!). It really was not a case of EITHER blow my entire program OR avoid all the tasty delights. Moderation combined with exercise really did work for me. I'm pleased!

Anyhoo, I really did have a wonderful time. I got a chance to see some of my good friends, caught up with some of my high school mates (I even cheered/strutted my stuff at a charity alumni basketball game-- I STILL HAVE IT! Check us out!), and fellowshipped with about 80 family members for Grandma Omia's 80th birthday celebration (see my parents, grandparents and me with the family paparazzi!).

I'm back in ATL. While being in VA was awesome, I'm glad to be back in my adopted hometown.

Count down to Christmas! I'll be getting my major fat burn on as from now until New Years there will be social gatherings galore!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shay Shay's Adventures in Travel--No Nonsense-No Excuses!

This week I had to travel for work--again. As I know I'm approaching birthday and holiday celebrations, I want to make sure that I keep up my workouts.

Thank goodness for great hotel gyms AND free workout videos in the hotel room. While I was able to workout when I arrived that evening, the gym was quite full the next morning. I didn't have my jump rope, but of course I had my body. Between my own body weight and the FREE workout videos in the room, I worked up a GREAT SWEAT!

I am at the point--again especially with this celebration season--where I know I have NO EXCUSE not to workout! I may not get in the exact workout I want, but I can certainly get it in!

So--GET IT IN, Shay Shay! Get it in!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Good Thought: The Holidays Don't Have to be Either/Or

A week from today I will celebrate my birthday--34 years old and in the best shape of my life! My birthday weekend pretty much signals the start of the holiday season for me. With birthday celebrating, Thanksgiving less than a week away, and then Christmas gatherings soon after, the holidays can be (and have been) quite a challenge for me. Last holiday season I gained WAY too much weight. I vowed to fight back soon after. On January 6, 2010 I started training with Anna Mae and lost 20+ pounds by the following April.

This holiday season I am determined NOT to let the holiday eating and laziness get the best of me. I also will not totally deprive myself because that will lead to some type of food overload at some point.

Thankfully, I am not alone in this fitness journey. I am so glad that I subscribe to all sorts of resources that provide me with health and fitness tips and sanity checks. I just received this one from Tom Venuto who distributes the Burn the Fat Newsletter and Blog. He made the challenge of the holidays so simple: it doesn't have to be either deprive myself OR get in better shape. Mr. Venuto says I can do both. I have already said that I plan to lose 10 pounds by Christmas. I believe this is still possible. But, I would like to take it another step and challenge myself to be in better shape after the holidays than I am now. I know what to do; I just need to DO IT!

Here's the link to Mr. Venuto posting about the holidays:

The challenge starts NOW!

I am Shay Shay. I will be Fit for the Holidays and Fitter afterwards!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My How Things (like my wardrobe) Have Changed!

Last night I was doing some much needed folding of laundry. With all my traveling and busy weekends, I've only had time to put clothes in the washer and dryer and then throw them on the futon in my loft.

As I started folding and putting away my laundry, I noticed that my workout and tennis gear FAR outnumbered my regular clothes. I mean it's getting to a point where I'm running out of drawer space and will have to start--gasp--hanging up some of my workout gear.

While this not so organized person now has to figure out how to organize my workout/tennis gear better and not all that excited about it, I am excited that my wardrobe is reflecting my lifestyle.

I am glad that my workout wardrobe is not just for running errands, but for running and jumping and lifting and stretching.

I often say that I don't necessarily like the gym, but I do like being active. Of course, I can stay on the tennis courts for hours. But, my power hill run/walk last night reminded me that I like being outdoors--even if it's a little chilly and my legs HURT--and MOVING!

So, while I am not looking forward to coming up with a better wardrobe organizing system, I am looking forward to being very active for the REST OF MY LIFE!

Oh, yeah, and buying CUTE workout and tennis gear too!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Brrr, It's Cold, but Daring to Be Different

Whew, it's COLD! I know everyone is posting updates about how cold it is in ATL right now. Why should I be different? Because I AM!

This week, Sweetie reminded me in his comments to my last post that I need to Dare to Be Different!

Yes, it's cold outside. But, I don't need to hibernate. I need to keep getting up and out to train, play tennis (10 AM match with Reesey Cup this morning-BRRR), and get more cardio!

Yes, this is the season of pumpkin, apples, spice, and everything nice. But, I don't have to indulge at EVERY opportunity I am presented with what I consider the BEST time of year for Treats!

Yes, the holidays are approaching. But I don't HAVE to resign myself to gaining 5-10 holiday pounds (like I have done in the past--ahem plus a few extra).

And even while I type, I am Daring to Be Different at least from my norm. I have had egg whites, and I have had oatmeal. But I have NEVER put them together. I've seen my trainer Anna Mae do it. I've looked at her breakfast with great wonder (LOL!). The wondering has ceased! With a dash of cinnamon, flaxseed, and some apple juice infused cranberries--this protein power packed oatmeal is not only great fuel but very comforting (and yes I'll venture to say tasty) on a chilly fall morning!

So, This Is It!

I AM Shay Shay! I am Daring to Be Different!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Didn't Get Tricked; Feeling Good; Gotta Push, Push, Push!

I survived the Treats and didn't get Tricked! I did indulge in a few treats, but didn't go overboard. For this I am proud. (smile). Moving on . . .

I had an awesome leg workout on this super rainy morning with Anna Mae. It was tough, but I really feel good. I even got in a good cardio workout. I'm going to use this morning's session to propel me to do more than Keep the Momentum Going. I am going to commit to PUSH, PUSH, PUSH myself like I've never PUSHed before!

This hamster on the wheel pace that I am currently on is unacceptable to me. Am I maintaining the progress Anna Mae and I started in January? Yes. Can I do better to really reach my goals? MOST DEFINITELY YES! I have tweaked my goals a bit--setting some short term goals in addition to some long term goals. I KNOW I can reach them!

Oh, and I can't go too long without talking about tennis (yes, Sweetie, you're right. This tennis thing is an obsession. LOL!). My Division Winning McGhee Super Slammers Women's team (Atlanta Lawn Tennis league) fell short in the play-offs. It was a great season PUSHing from 1 point after week one to WINNING the DIVISION! Yet, this team is not going to rest on just winning the division. We're going to re-group and worker harder on our technical and mental games so that we can reach our goal and SOON--Winning the City!

My USTA Mixed Doubles team has also won the division and we play in the first round of the play-offs Friday. I KNOW we can get it done! Let's Go McGhee!

And, I am soooo excited that my colleague and T2 flex league Mixed Doubles partner, Marty, and I are advancing to the City Finals! We play this Sunday. I didn't play my best in the semi-final last night, but I never got down on myself. I kept PUSHing and Marty kept being an AWESOME partner. VICTORY was ours! City Finals HERE WE COME!

With all this rain, I could get back in the bed, but it's time to get moving with the rest of my day!

I am Shay Shay!