Saturday, October 17, 2009

Before There Was Shay Shay . . .

There was, is, and will always be Omia.

Omia is my maternal grandmother and my middle name. Close doesn't even begin to describe our relationship. MY grandma is awesome (emphasis on my because everyone wants to claim my grandma; Shay Shay CAN be selfish when it comes to Omia!)!

She's beyond sweet, super generous, very active and still wiling to try new things (despite arthritis and being almost 79 is slowing her down-a bit). Oh, and did I mention how she spoils me with homemade sweet potato biscuits, zucchini bread, and dill pickles (I am a foodie because of her and my mom). She also taught me to appreciate fresh fruit and vegetables, so that part of eating clean wasn't so hard to adopt.

Grandma also has quite the sense of humor! She is visiting this weekend. It's just the two of us. And I am enjoying having her with me so much! After a nice day at the Fernbank Museum, Grandma and I returned home to rest and watch movies. One movie's character wore a dress showing LOTS of cleavage. Grandma says, "I didn't know it was the style to wear your stuff all out like that. At your mom's birthday party [her friend] had on a blouse low cut like that. I told your mom she should tell her that her buttons were loose. I sure am glad your momma told me that it was the style of the blouse before I said something myself."

I just laughed and laughed! These are the moments are cherish.

Well, the sweet potatoes have been boiled for biscuits tomorrow. I just had my last piece of zucchini bread for the night.

Back to movies and moments. . . I am Omia loving my dear Omia!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Motivation; Not a Meltdown!

Yesterday morning did not get off to a good start. Although I am making really good progress toward my birthday goal (11 lbs down), I had the hardest time trying to find something to wear. I searched and searched my closet, but I just couldn't find anything that I wanted to wear. Or, if I wanted to wear it, it just didn't fit the way it use to fit (i.e. just a little snug--almost fit, but not quite--some of you know what I mean).

Anyway, I finally found something, but the whole thing was a tad frustrating. I almost had a MELTDOWN. But, then I thought about how I got rid of all of my larger sized clothes. I never want to get comfortable gaining a bunch of weight ever again!

My potential meltdown turned into MOTIVATION!

I am motivated to keep on the journey, to keep working toward my goals!

I am Shay Shay!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Forgive Me, Please

I am one of those people who don't hold a grudge. I am pretty forgiving. Not only does my faith teach me to forgive, it's actually pretty stressful to carry around the weight of animosity.

Well, there is a pair of jeans in my closet that are not so forgiving! They are "designer", which translates into not a real size; they don't have that wonderful gift to women--Lycra; they are not full in hips and thighs. There is NO GIVE in these jeans.

So, what is Shay Shay to do? I am going to make them like me! The scale is one indicator of my progress, but these jeans will really let me know I am doing. So, how will I get these jeans to like me--to forgive me?

I will Keep the Momentum Going!
  • I will continue to make good, clean eating choices in the right portion and at the right intervals throughout the day
  • I will continue to strength train and get in adequate cardio
  • I will continue to consult my accountability buddies (my daily food/exercise emailings and Monday and Thursday check-ins)
  • I will not totally deprive myself and enjoy a treat meal a week, so that I can maintain this lifestyle when I reach my goal
  • I will face the music and try on the jeans once a week no matter how the previous week of eating and exercise went--got to keep it real with myself! The jeans will not lie!

I am up for the challenge! I Am Built for This! I Am Shay Shay!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Prodigal Shay Shay Goes Home!

Despite a little "ah, the bed feels so good" hesitation this morning, I slid out of bed and into my gym clothes, and drove to the gym around 5:15 this morning. Once I got moving, I realized that I really wasn't tired at all--amazing what getting at least 7 hours of sleep will do for Shay Shay!

Although waking up so early can be a drag at times, it is so worth it! I must remember that I LOVE the 5 AM gym! During the 5 AM hour there is no searching 10 minutes for parking--no stalking other gym mates to see when they will be done with equipment--no "I'm just coming to the gym to be cute and socialize and maybe get on the treadmill for 15 minutes." Folks at 5 AM are there because they are committed; they are on a mission (I mean to BE at the gym that early, you have to be!).

What I like most about the 5 AM gym is that you get to "know" people. Now, we may not necessarily know each others' names or any details about each others' lives, but there is still a sense of solidarity I experience in the early morning gym. It's like we are a family. And when a regular member of the family has been gone for a while and returns (ah, that would be me), it's like Welcome Home Prodigal Daughter! People smile or nod at you to signal they have "missed" you. Some may even say, "long time no see, it's good to see you." And then there are my "best friends" of the morning who say, "haven't seen you in a while; you look really good."

Home is truly where the heart is! Outside of tennis, an early morning session in the gym is my favorite way to work it out. I am at home at the 5 AM gym. Any other time just doesn't seem right. I must keep going Home.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Take Advantage of the Break Shay Shay!

After such a WONDERFUL weekend with Sweetie, I woke up to rain, rain, and more rain. Then I drove to work in rain, rain, and more rain! So, no tennis practice tonight. No after work meeting or function. I had a pretty hard workout yesterday, so my body is saying rest. But,, it is also saying, "You're tired; you want to sit on the couch and just watch TV at a normal hour for a change."

But, I am on a mission! I need to cook! Fuel is needed to get me through the week. I am going to get off this couch, cook some baked chicken and ground turkey (haven't figured out HOW I am going to cook it yet) and then get my rusty dusty to bed. I need to rise early tomorrow and hit the gym! No late night of Law & Order (regular, SVU, Criminal Intent--any would do) re-runs. I am going to bed and get some adequate rest for a change.

I must take advantage of these moments. They don't happen often.

Off to the kitchen!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shay Shay Has The Taste

Anyone who really knows me knows that I truly believe that clean eating is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. And those same people also know that I am a true foodie. I LOVE a good meal and dining experience. I am always willing to try new cuisine (including some interesting grasshopper tacos marinated in tequila in D.C.) all in the pursuit of pure enjoyment of a good meal.

This is why the true foodie in me and my Sweetie look forward to each October and The Taste of Atlanta! What is so awesome about The Taste for me is that it is in the Fall (again, my favorite season), and I get access to about 80 restaurants of Atlanta. This year I had Venison Chili and Goat Cheese Grits (yummy!) and my favorite treat of the 2009 Taste: Coca Cola Cupcakes! I had never heard of these tasty treats. I don't even like--gasp Atlanta--Coca Cola (or any other soda but ginger ale, which I may have once every few years (no exaggeration!)). When I approach the West Egg booth they had several cupcakes from which to choose: Red Velvet (always a good treat if baked right), Black Bottom (chocolate chip cheesecake-sounds good too) and Coca Cola (hmmm). I was immediately intrigued by the Coca Cola. I learned that they use actual Coca Cola syrup in the cupcakes (I was a little on the fence when I heard this, but what else would be in a Coca Cola cupcake??!!!??) and also caramel (which I do enjoy on a good dessert!). So, I tried one. And IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so awesome, I went back later to have it as my final Taste of the day. Yep, that's right I had 2 cupcakes! Now, I have not fallen off the wagon. I have been really disciplined all week (all month for that matter) and keeping track of my food journal because I knew The Taste was awaiting me. Now, The Taste is over for me. I have enjoyed it and now it's time to move on with my journey to toward losing 25 lbs by my birthday (November 21st).

Important takeaway for Shay Shay: I can be disciplined without deprivation. Choose my time when the calories are truly worth it--make it special. Don't make these times often. A lifestyle of living fit and healthy and having the body I want is worth more than any one treat.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I AM Built For This!

Yes, I AM Built for This! What is This? Any challenge I face!

Last Sunday was Women's Day at my church. The dynamic, young woman minister, taking her text from the biblical event of David and Goliath's battle, preached that "I Am Built For This". It was such a compelling message that I couldn't let the week end without sharing my perspective.

The sermon was a powerful reminder that there are no giants that I cannot slay, no mountains that I cannot move--no matter what the circumstance!

Now anyone who knows me or this blog knows I can relate almost any experience I have with my journey to Lose Fat and Win!

For months I had faced the giants of sweets, large portions, a d doing the bare minimum exercise for the goals I seek. I faced late nights without adequate rest, contentment, and just plain ol' lack of discipline. But, I am now back on track! The last month has shown me that I AM Built for This Fight! I have gotten back to the clean eating principles that have served me well, and I am seeing results. I still am not putting in the work in the gym that I need to get the real results I want. But, I know that I AM Built to be a powerful woman of iron too! I am finding that I really do miss strength training (not to mention that my body misses it too). So, I just need to get back at it and consistently!

I AM Built for This! I will be victorious! I am Shay Shay!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Eat Your Veggies, Shay Shay!

On my way to work Monday, my stomach decided to punish me. Without sharing TOO much, let's just say I was very uncomfortable--the sharp pains were almost unbearable! The only thing I could put on my stomach without slumping over was my trusty Ezekiel bread!

By Tuesday afternoon I figured out what could be wrong. After reviewing my food journal, I realized that there was something missing--dark, leafy greens!

So, Wednesday morning I got up and fixed an egg white omelet full of dark, leafy, fresh spinach. Coupled with my Ezekiel toast and fruit spread with no added sugar, I had one tasty breakfast to start my day.

And OH THE RELIEF! I started to feel better and feel my system correcting itself almost immediately. I threw in some dark, leafy lettuce for lunch and dinner too and had another spinach omelet this morning.

I'm looking forward to a pain free rest of the week. Thank goodness for food journals!