Friday, July 23, 2010

Bring it on!

It's about 6:15 AM. Tomorrow morning this time, I will be getting ready for Round 1 of the USTA Southern Sectionals in Birmingham, Alabama where the McGhee Super Slammers will represent Georgia at the 3.0 Women's Level! I am SO PUMPED! I am SO READY! Our TEAM is SO PREPARED!

I have grilled my chicken breast, and packed my oatmeal, wraps, protein powder, nuts, minimal salt/low-fat popcorn, and high protein/low sugar protein bars. Upon arrival I will be getting some fresh veggies. I'm traveling with my trainer, so this helps with sticking to my clean eating. We will also have full kitchens--A MUST--at the hotel.

This is NOT vacation! This is a Mission!

It's all about McGhee! Competition will be tough, but my motto is that our team IS TOUGHER!

Smart and Aggressive Tennis--from the first point to match point all the way to the FINALS!

We're Fired Up! Ready to Go!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's Sectionals Week!!!!!!!!

It is USTA Southern Sectionals Championship Week! I am so excited to stomp into Birmingham with the wonderful, dynamic, oh so cool, hard hitting, smart and savvy ladies of the McGhee Super Slammers!

The competition will be tough, but I KNOW our team has what it takes to come out on top! I am praying for safe travels, no injuries, no negative effects from the heat, and for a fun and fabulous time! Then, it's up to us to be focused, aggressive, and smart on the courts!

I am making my grocery list so that I can be sure to have plenty of fuel for hydration and clean eating. Thank goodness for extend-a-stay hotels and full kitchens!

Well, time for me to hit the bed and get ready for training in the morning! Rest is a MUST this week!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fired Up! Ready to Go!

During the last Presidential election, a zealous Obama supporter use to rally voters with the chant--Fired Up! Ready to Go! This fiesty lady got national attention as future President Obama used the chant on the campaign trail.

Since then I have LOVED this chant and have used it for tennis. As I get ready to start the week (after a TOUGH loss and drama yesterday on the courts), I am FIRED UP! READY to GO!

We are less than two weeks away from stomping on Birmingham for USTA Sectionals. I am starting boot camp at work today. I have reprogrammed my brain to get back to STRICT clean eating (STOP all the compromises Shay Shay--I AM NOT AT GOAL YET!) Looking forward to the three-day a week training with Anna Mae. My cooler is packed, and I am ready to start my day!

I am Shay Shay, and I'm Fired Up! Ready to Go!

Friday, July 9, 2010

It's on Like Pop-Popcorn!

Boy was today tough! It was my third straight day of training with Camille. I woke up already a tad tired because I stayed up a little late due to the excitement of the USTA Southern Sectionals Championship Schedule being posted--Birmingham here we come!

Today was shoulders, back, and abs and IT WAS TOUGH! I know part of it is due to being out of training for a few weeks--but DANG! Anna Mae was too happy to see my face in agony! LOL! It was truly on like POPCORN!

Speaking of popcorn (as I've spoken in previous posts): I am now officially done with microwave popcorn. I am all over stovetop popcorn popped in a little olive oil and topped with butter spray (got to love butter spray!) and a sprinkle of sea salt--just a little or even better table blend seasoning with NO SALT! Such a tasty snack. Even my Sweetie loves it!

There's nothing like some popcorn to take the hunger edge off. And it feels like cheating--but it is so not cheating! A true treat!

Well, this will be a busy weekend. One of my beloved sorority sisters is coming to town. I'm hanging out with friends for a birthday celebration, and of course--TENNIS! I play in a charity tournament in the morning to support the Atlanta 3-Day Walk for Susan G. Koman to raise funds to fight breast cancer. Then USTA is Sunday.

No rest for the active, but I'll be sure to get to bed a good hours this week. I can't be drained before Birmingham!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back at Home, Back on Track, Back to Focusing on my Goals

After a wonderful long vacation with my parents in the Palm Dessert area and San Diego (I'll post pictures later), I am actually glad to be home and back into my routine! I was away for a solid week and on pure vacation mode--translation: not as much intense exercise and clean eating not necessarily the priority!

I paid a small price--a few extra pounds--but I'm not fretting because I am equipped with the tools I need to get back on track--AND even with the recent July 4th holiday, I AM BACK ON TRACK!

I am back to my morning training sessions and getting some evening exercise on top. I am back to disciplined clean eating. I am back to focusing on my goals:

My tennis team is just 2 1/2 weeks from representing Georgia in the USTA Southern Sectionals Championships! Endurance will NOT be my issue! I WILL BE READY! BRING IT!

While the Fitter and Finer Challenge has lost some of its steam as far as participation, I am determined to be minus 10 lbs (from Round 1 winning weight) by the August 28th Finale. Yep, I'm trying to win again and finally get to the weight that will transition me into maintenance!

So, over the next 6 weeks, I will not compromise on my training and clean eating. I have even signed up for a boot camp at my job that meets twice a week after work. We start Monday and this will supplement my training with Anna Mae, which I have increased to 3 days a week.

See, I am determined. I am focused. I am Shay Shay Fit!