Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ahhh, Refreshed and Ready!

Lately I have been really going at it with work travel. While I love my career, it is always nice to get away for me! The last 5 days I have been in the Sunny, Beautiful Miramar Beach/Destin area. My buddies Queen Bee and Reesey Cup took a road trip (JB joined us later) to celebrate Queen's 50th birthday. It was quiet at the Beach and that suited us just fine. I had enjoyed some lovely walks along the beach, a little tennis, some fabulous seafood, and chill time on a cool beach sands reading and NAPPING! It was a great trip.

Here are some shots of the condo we rented and me at the beach (I just noticed one of the girls' toes in my shot! LOL!). I miss it already (smile).

Now that I am back in ATL, it's time to really get back on plan. It has not escaped my thoughts that I am having a little birthday milestone of my own this year--35 (just under 9 months away)! I am determined to GET TIGHT and as Clean Eating guru Tosca Reno says Keep it Tight! I plan to celebrate 35 in FULL FIT FASHION!
A BIG THANK YOU to my fellow member of the Energy Bar who just happens to do photography for Oxygen with his wife who covers various fitness events for the magazine (HOW COOL IS THAT!). Thanks to them, I have my very own authographed copy of The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged! How thoughtful is that!

I have the tools and now even some real, personal motivation from Mrs. Eat-Clean herself!
I'm Ready! Get to it Shay Shay!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Been Awhile--Checking In

Wow, it's been 10 days since my last post. But, it is not because I am off the journey! I'm in super motivation mode! While I have gotten bored with the gym these days (not with my trainer G, though--he's great!), I have not given up on getting fitter. I have discovered Jillian Michael DVDs--well I've known about them, but I actually got them and am loving them! She's kicking me BIG TIME! I'm Loving It! I even got a Jillian AND a Bob Harper DVD that will allow me to use my kettlebells! Go Shay Shay!

I've also re-engaged the Wii. It really is fun (Zumba, Dance 2, Michael Jackson Experience), and I can work up a sweat and add variety to my routine without even focusing on how hard I'm really working! Sweet!

Let's not forget that I am getting back to consistent (the key) clean eating. I am feeling GREAT! I'm seeing changes already!

I am DETERMINED to be at goal and feeling awesome when my 35th (breathe!) birthday arrives in just over 9 months! Besides, the warm weather is coming. I want to get out there in my tennis skirt--look cute--and kick some--oh watch out now Shay Shay!

Note on my tennis team: My wonderful team just missed advancing to the City Finals, coming up short 2-3 in the Semis. While disappointed, but I am so proud of us--it's just our 2nd season at 3.5. So, I know we'll be back!

And, when we are back--Shay Shay will be FIT and READY!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just Get Up Shay Shay!

I have always known this. I have had this conversation with myself before. I need to just get over it and GET UP in the mornings! I am a self-proclaimed morning person, but lately--unless it is training day--I've had issues getting up to work out in the mornings.

I have been trying to convince myself that I'll just get in my workouts in the evenings. NOT HAPPENING! Unless it is tennis, I really don't want to do a whole lot of activity in the evenings. On top of that, my evenings are always filled with SOMETHING to do. Evening workouts are a luxury for me and will just have to be an added fitness bonus. Mornings are my time.

So, I'm going to have to suck it up and get moving because honestly I'm UP anyway!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Variety is the Spice of Life and Workouts!

I've been at this Journey to Lose Fat and Win for almost 3 years now. Most of my workouts have been in the gym. Frankly, I've gotten bored with the gym! While I'm keeping my membership, I have to find some more variety. I'm working on spicing things up a bit. I've gotten some new Wii games that add some cardio flavor--Michael Jackson Experience and Zumba. These games are not just fun, but really work up a sweat!

Sunday was beautiful, so I went to the local high school and ran the bleachers, did the track, and used the football field and benches to spice up my cardio and body weight exercises. Queen Bee and Reesey Cup (oh, and Ginger--Queen Bee's toy poodle that stole my heart!) joined me. It was work, but it was fun. Oh did I mention how BEAUTIFUL it was Sunday! I should have taken pictures.

I still have my kettlebells, jump rope, weight vests and resistance bands. I want a boxing bag! My trainer showed me some things this morning that will be good for home or travel. I MUST find those Glider Discs he has.

There I have it or should I say don't have--I don't have any excuses not to work out. I can complain that the gym bores me because the gym is NOT MY ONLY OPTION for a good workout.

Let's Spice it Up, Shay Shay!