Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm Free . . .

Shay Shay is free to play tennis when I want, any ol' time!!!

I rested my foot for a few weeks, and it is amazing how the healing progressed! Go figure?!

Today, the podiatrist said that while I still need to take care of my foot until it completely heals, I can now get on the courts and play as much tennis as I can handle! I am so excited!

I am also really excited about my Summer USTA team. I am captain (I still don't know why they entrusted me with this responsibility). We have a wonderful group of ladies---talented on the courts and just good people! We are building upon the leverage we had during Winter USTA when we went to the semi-finals and shooting for the City Finals! We have the talent to do it; we just have to PLAY OUR GAME!!!!!!! TAKE NO PRISONERS!!!

Let's Go McGhee Super Slammers!!!!!!!!!

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