Thursday, May 28, 2009

Celery? Random Thoughts of Shay Shay

Everyone who has tried to lose weight has heard: "eat celery". It's low in calories (almost completely negligible), but can still keep you full. Then, you hear: put some peanut butter on it. Well, I didn't buy it! Until, I bought it!

After losing over 50 lbs, it gets harder to lose the remaining 15+. So, I am really practicing the art of burn calories more than I consume. To do this, I had to try something new. So, with the nudging of my favorite fitness magazine, I added celery to my snack list.

I eat a tablespoon of raw almond butter, which I love. And, low and behold: I LOVE the snack! Now, of course the celery doesn't taste like anything without the almond butter. The almond butter really is the key to the snack. But, the bonus is tht the celery requires so much chewing that it really does satisfy my urge to munch and my body's need for a snack.

So, here's to celery! I'm a believer!

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