Sunday, February 13, 2011

Been Awhile--Checking In

Wow, it's been 10 days since my last post. But, it is not because I am off the journey! I'm in super motivation mode! While I have gotten bored with the gym these days (not with my trainer G, though--he's great!), I have not given up on getting fitter. I have discovered Jillian Michael DVDs--well I've known about them, but I actually got them and am loving them! She's kicking me BIG TIME! I'm Loving It! I even got a Jillian AND a Bob Harper DVD that will allow me to use my kettlebells! Go Shay Shay!

I've also re-engaged the Wii. It really is fun (Zumba, Dance 2, Michael Jackson Experience), and I can work up a sweat and add variety to my routine without even focusing on how hard I'm really working! Sweet!

Let's not forget that I am getting back to consistent (the key) clean eating. I am feeling GREAT! I'm seeing changes already!

I am DETERMINED to be at goal and feeling awesome when my 35th (breathe!) birthday arrives in just over 9 months! Besides, the warm weather is coming. I want to get out there in my tennis skirt--look cute--and kick some--oh watch out now Shay Shay!

Note on my tennis team: My wonderful team just missed advancing to the City Finals, coming up short 2-3 in the Semis. While disappointed, but I am so proud of us--it's just our 2nd season at 3.5. So, I know we'll be back!

And, when we are back--Shay Shay will be FIT and READY!

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