Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Variety is the Spice of Life and Workouts!

I've been at this Journey to Lose Fat and Win for almost 3 years now. Most of my workouts have been in the gym. Frankly, I've gotten bored with the gym! While I'm keeping my membership, I have to find some more variety. I'm working on spicing things up a bit. I've gotten some new Wii games that add some cardio flavor--Michael Jackson Experience and Zumba. These games are not just fun, but really work up a sweat!

Sunday was beautiful, so I went to the local high school and ran the bleachers, did the track, and used the football field and benches to spice up my cardio and body weight exercises. Queen Bee and Reesey Cup (oh, and Ginger--Queen Bee's toy poodle that stole my heart!) joined me. It was work, but it was fun. Oh did I mention how BEAUTIFUL it was Sunday! I should have taken pictures.

I still have my kettlebells, jump rope, weight vests and resistance bands. I want a boxing bag! My trainer showed me some things this morning that will be good for home or travel. I MUST find those Glider Discs he has.

There I have it or should I say don't have--I don't have any excuses not to work out. I can complain that the gym bores me because the gym is NOT MY ONLY OPTION for a good workout.

Let's Spice it Up, Shay Shay!

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