Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am Keeping the Momentum Going! I'm Being Consistent with Eating Clean and Exercise! I'm Losing Fat and Winning! Now, I want to Live Life Unconquered!

While traveling for work, I was able to meet Sweetie at the Florida State University Stadium to climb the bleachers. I have done this once before, but this time I approached it with a whole new perspective! I had done some serious leg work the previous day, so tackling these stairs was NOT EASY! But, if this journey toward Losing Fat and Winning was easy, I wouldn't need to blog about it, right?

Anyhoo, I lunged up those stairs 8 times! That's 80 bleachers up to the top and back down. It was tough, but it felt great! It felt so great that I decided to do a few sprints up and down the field too! I read an article recently that said that doing bleachers is the most perfect exercise one can do! Strength and Cardio and talking about Endurance testing! How about that!

(What a climb, but I made it to the top! 8x! Look closely; that really is me up there!)

In front of FSU's stadium is an awesome statue of a Seminole Warrior-Unconquered. It captures the spirit of the Seminoles and the winning spirit of FSU! I love this statue. After my bleacher workout I felt just like the Seminoles-UNCONQUERED!

Next up--WARRIOR DASH this Sunday! I'm excited and nervous about it all at the same time. But, I know I will FINISH and Finish STRONG!

I am Shay Shay. I am UNCONQUERED!

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Losing in the City said...

you truly are unconquered.. i might have passed out after the first time going up the bleachers..