Monday, July 25, 2011

A Half Marathon Again? Really, Shay Shay!

I am happy to say that I am sustaining my enhanced clean eating lifestyle and not hating the heavier weight lifting. LOL (which as Curb Your Enthusiasm-one of my FAVORITE shows pointed is not acceptable to use verbally!). I am seeing the results, but trying to remain patient with the progress.

Along with eating cleaner and lifting heavier weights, I am now going to start training for the Savannah Rock & Roll Half Marathon scheduled November 5th.

Yep--you read right--HALF MARATHON AGAIN! When I did the the ING Georgia in March 2010, I said I would NEVER run that distance again! But, here I go again.

A few things contributed to my losing my mind (just kindling-sort of) and registering for another Half Marathon:

RACE & RELAX--a running series that one of my tennis teammates Lorraine aka RunWifeyRun ( aka LoLo puts on in conjunction with already established races. Last yer I participated in the Race & Relax 5K and really enjoyed the experience with the ladies that ran, and LoLo and the sponsors really did it big with our Swag Bag. I said I would definitely do another Race & Relax event again BUT that was before LoLo got into all this long distance running!

THEN on top of it all, G, my trainer challenged me to do the race. I don't back down from challenges--no sir!

AND I have also never visited Savannah other than a quick day at work where I didn't leave the hotel except to get in the car and drive home. I had said several times--I want to go to Savannah. It's so close, and I hear it is so great. I need to make time.

Well, the time is now. I'll be going to Savannah. I'll be running the Half. I'm actually excited about it (more about the results than the run--LOL (see note above).

I am looking forward to incorporating the half marathon training into my overall fitness regime. This time I will have the help of G. I know he'll help get me in shape that I want for the race and my long term physique goals.

Training starts tomorrow! Stay tuned!


Wifey said...

So excited Never really doesn't mean Never! We're going to have a blast!

Winks & Smiles,
Wifey aka Lolo

Shay Shay said...

I'll will not say "never" again (see I already started-smiles!). Looking forward to an awesome time!