Sunday, July 17, 2011

Breaking Through the Cycle and Taking it to the Next Level!

Over the last month, I have spent more time away than I have at home. My work travel is still heavy, but I have squeezed in some fun too: Boat Ride with the Paterson, NJ Men of Omega in NYC, John Legend and Sade, Hall & Oates, July 4th week in Vegas, VA/DC/MD weekend with my sorority linesisters. I have had one busy summer: working hard and playing hard!

Here are some shots from the first half of summer fun (Omega Boat Ride; Bellagio Botanical Gardens; Getting Ready for Sade and John Legend):

With all the work and fun travel comes LOTS OF FOOD TEMPTATIONS and EXCUSES NOT TO WORK OUT! I am happy to say that I did NOT fall prey to the evils of sugar and sedentariness.

I've been working out in the hotel gyms, doing my Turbo Fire DVDs, and finding gyms where I can (see me at LA Fitness near my Sweetie's Hometown). I even tried Birkam Yoga and LOVED IT!

I also managed NOT TO GAIN WEIGHT! I ordered sensibly and as clean as I could while in the various hotels and restaurants. Sweetie introduced me to Muscle Maker Grill in his Hometown--great, clean food--just delicious!

With these victories, I know I have broken through the cycle of getting close to my fitness goals and having a major setback. Every year I lose and gain the same 10+ pounds. I was sick of this horrible cycle and was determiend to do something to break it.

I had to make an attitude adjustment more than anything. I realized that I can socialize and not eat horribly. I realize that I can travel and get in quality workouts. This discipline has yielded some good results.

I have been shedding fat and can even wear some size 6s! I have NEVER worn a 6-not even in middle school! I can see the changes in my body, and I am loving it! I have taken my body beyond where it has ever gone on this journey to Lose Fat and Win!

I am ready to not just Keep the Momentum Going but Push Pass my Momentum and really reach my 18% Body Fat Goal by September 30th. This is not going be easy, but I know I can do it!


I am Shay Shay, and I am Fit and will be Fitter!

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