Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting Tennis Back in My World and Being Fit to Win!

With my busy travel schedule, tennis has become a less frequent activity for me. I have really missed being the courts! I LOVE THIS SPORT! People often think that tennis has helped me get fitter. It's actually the reverse for me. I train hard so that I can be fitter for tennis!

It makes a difference! One of the motivators for me getting my act together starting back in March was that I have the USTA Georgia State Mixed Doubles Championships this week! This is tennis in HEAT, and I could likely play two matches a day!

There is no way I was going to show up in Augusta without being as fit as I can be!

Although I am still a frequent work traveler, I did manage to get in 3 1/2 hours on the court this week, and got in some play last week.

As this week is State week, I plan to get on the courts every day up until I leave Thursday evening! I'll be keeping up with my regular training as well--started this morning with a quick 2 mi-run. I plan to get in a cycling class too before practice this evening.

This may sound like a lot, but it takes A LOT to perform and perform well on the court!

Many have the will to win, but few have the desire to prepare. ---Joe Paterno

I have the desire to prepare.

I am Shay Shay. I am Preparing!


Karen said...

Have a great time in Augusta! I was able to go to state a few years back... it was super hot but so much fun!

Shay Shay said...

THANKS! I had a BLAST! It was SUPER HOT, but I was Ready! 5 matches in 3 days. My hard work in the kitchen and gym paid off on the courts. My team won our division in the Round Robin and had a heck of a play-off match with 3, third set tie breaks, all 8-10! Looking forward to continuing to build our team and make it back next year!