Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Must Work it Out in the Kitchen Too!

As I continue my quest toward that Bikini Body, I know I have been slacking in one area--cooking!  My schedule has been really tight with all the work travel.  So, MAKING (not finding) time to cook has been a challenge for me.  I admit that there is time. I just have not taken it.  The fresh produce was bought, but I just wasn't cooking it!

Cooking my own food is essential to getting the physique I want.  Travel requires eating out quite a bit, but I know I need to eat as much of my own food as I can to achieve the results I want.

So I finally got in the kitchen and cooked up a few things.

Here are my first try at roasted brussel sprouts--they are quite yummy! Who knew?!

And my Thai Basil Tofu with mushrooms, tomatoes, and okra--hmmm, mmm.

These dishes took little time to prepare--a requirement for Shay Shay.  I just need to MAKE THE TIME.  My Insanity/gym workout is only 20% of my success. My kitchen workout is a significant part of the 80% diet success--too important to slack!

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