Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Electing to Live the Clean and Fit Lifestyle and Enjoying the Ride

Happy Election Day!

I started this journey in June 2007.  That seems so long ago!  Our current Commander in Chief President Obama was one the Presidential campaign trail for the time.  And now here we are.  November 2012 and another Presidential Election.  Exciting!

I voted early--SO GLAD I DID, so I decided to take some time an post before I get out for the day.

I set goals for this journey to Lose Fat and Win, and I have exceeded those goals with 70lbs lost (hovering between 133-135), a body fat percentage under 21%, and sizes 2 and 4 in my closet (and I even think my feet have gotten smaller, but I am not sure how I really feel about that given my shoe collection. LOL!).

I have run 3 half-marathons, I can do "boy" (I prefer GIRL POWER) push-ups without struggling, I am a consistent cooler carrying clean eater and a member of the Women of Iron club.

I am pleased with my progress, but I am not done yet!  

I have goals for 2013, but in the meantime I am going to enjoy maintaining my weight (instead of trying to lose-yes!) and focus on improving my body composition.  

Just because I am in maintenance mode regarding my "diet", I do not have a license to slack. Building muscle and improving my body composition will take some real discipline and consistent clean eating. I will have to be super focused in the gym and "feel the muscles" as Lisa says.  I need to have a plan and be focused. I Since I have already voted, I am going to ELECT TO LIVE the CLEAN and FIT LIFESTYLE in Maintenance Mode.

Here is my Lifestyle Ballot; I am Electing Every One!:

  • Diligent clean eating all week with one free day in moderation (travel is no excuse)
  • Cardio 4x a week, plus tennis
  • Training with Lisa at Boutique Body Fitness 2-3 days a week
  • Prepare for 7 hours of sleep per night (sometimes I just wake up at hour 6, but if I prepare for quality sleep, I feel good when I rise)
  • Prioritize my commitments; don't over commit; take time to adequately rest
  • Don't over think food!
This is a lifestyle I can manage.  It has taken practice over time, but I have it down now.  Any setbacks will be because I am not in a good mental place, not because I don't have the tools and resources.

Live the Lifestyle Shay Shay! Live it to the Fullest and Enjoy the Ride! 

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