Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Sweetest Day for Sweet Spot Fitness

Recently I learned that October 20th is a holiday of sorts--The Sweetest Day--to give folks a chance to be sweet and show their care and appreciation for others.

How appropriate that tonight The Sweet Spot Fitness Challenge ladies decided to celebrate their first year of  setting health and fitness goals, changing lifestyles, and supporting each other on the journey to find our Sweet Spots of Health and Fitness!

About 10 of us gathered tonight for a wonderful evening for fellowship.  The ladies brought a variety of dishes so that we could eat as healthy as we wanted or engage in some well deserved indulgence.  We had a fantastic "white elephant" type health and fitness gift exchange, but we outdid ourselves by finding some great gifts that no one wanted to give up during the "steal" option.  Man, it could have gotten intense. LOL!

Oh and let's not forget how much we LAUGHED!  Laughter is truly great for the soul.

A BIG THANK YOU to Sweet Spotter The Beast for providing us with a wonderful setting for our celebration. You truly made us feel at home as always.

It was truly a SWEET night. I am looking forward to a fantastic year ahead of even more success on this journey to find our Sweet Spots and supporting each other along the way!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful time !!! Love your before and after pics. You're providing a perfect example of what dedication and hart work yields. Congrats on your health and fitness success! "Car"