Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Challenge From Anna Mae . . .

Sooooo, my journey to Lose Fat and Win has not been the most disciplined the last month or so. I'm a grown up. I can admit it. As a result, my progress has stalled a little bit.

Well, last night my trainer Anna Mae charged my training partner, Reesey Cup, and me to lose as much weight as we can in the next four weeks as the holidays are approaching and we need some wiggle room. Isn't she generous?

Anyhoo, I am ready to accept the challenge. I am aiming to lose 10 lbs by my birthday (November 21st). Anna Mae says this is quite ambitious. She's right. But, I have always aimed for Wildly Extraordinary Goals. If I fall short, then I'm still in great shape! Just a little Shay Shay logic. You don't have to understand.

Here's what I am going to re-dedicate myself to doing:

1. At least 5 days of non-doubles tennis cardio a week
2. Maintain my food diary
3. Not blowing it all on the weekends with overeating unclean food

Then I still have my strength training sessions with Anna Mae and Reesey Cup. We started off the challenge right with a great session this morning.

Three things. This, I can manage because I AM Shay Shay! I AM DETERMINED!

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Wifey said...

I'm sure you're going to kill it!

Winks & Smiles,