Friday, October 8, 2010

The Originial Omia--My Inspiration!

Just as it's starting to be really cold in the morning and the bed starts feeling a whole lot better than the weight bench, I got inspired by my grandmother--the Original Omia (her first name, my middle name)--to keep progressing on this journey to Lose Fat and Win! That's us at the Grand Canyon in 2008.

Grandma has always inspired me. She is so generous, loving, smart, hardworking--just a really great person! Everyone loves her. This world is better because she lives in it! I could go on about how at the youthful age of 79 and 11 months, she continues to advocate for the rights of her fellow seniors in her community. I could talk about how she made it possible for many families to travel the country on a tight budget and see places they would have probably never seen because of the bus trips (from Florida to Canada) she organized for about 15 years. I could rattle on about her rising before dawn to work in the fast food industry (starting at 70 years old because she "was up anyway") and then coming home (after a little rest) to tailor clothes for her customers and cut the grass or work in her garden still. I could share how she has overcome sickness and near death--a few times--only to come out stronger and stronger. Thank you Lord for her avoiding the hospital these last 10 years or so.

I could write for days about how wonderful Grandma is and how her active lifestyle keeps her youthful and strong. So what did Grandma just do to inspire Shay Shay to write today?

Drum roll, please Grandma has worked hard through clean eating (although I'm sure she's not familiar with the term; she just eats that way because it makes sense) and staying active to hit a 55 lb weight loss mark!

Yep, that's right 55 lbs! At close to 80, her metabolism is supposed to be slow. She's supposed to be too tired to worry about gardening vegetables and getting in some physical activity. But, she's doing it! She's getting it done, and it's paying off for her! Grandma said she was tired of carrying around "all that weight." She didn't like, "being so big." Go 'head Grandma! Speak on it!

How can I NOT keep working to reach my goals???? I'm carrying Grandma's name, so I better honor it and her by following her example.

Let's go Shay Shay! I have the genes to Keep the Momentum Going!

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Wifey said...

Go Grandma! Love it. She's an inspiration to us all.

Winks & Smiles,