Friday, October 29, 2010

The Treats Won't Trick Me!

It's that time of year where folks hit the stores and get all the candy and other sweets they can manage and distribute to all the youngsters and young at heart.

While these TREATS can be irresistible, I refuse to be TRICKED this year! My health and fitness goals are way too important for me to succumb to the overindulgence of chocolate, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup!

I still am trying to lean out and lose as much weight as Anna Mae has challenged me before my birthday. I haven't lost sight of my green bikini goal (although my timeline has changed slightly). AND I have some major tennis goals for this Fall and Winter (have won the Division in two leagues so far: T2 Flex Mixed (Go MF!); ALTA Women's (Yeah, McGhee Super Slammers!)--and looking for at least two more division wins and ADVANCING in the Play-offs toward some City Titles!).

My work travel has picked up, so I have to be extra diligent with the clean eating habits. I'm still not getting in the amount of cardio I need, but I'm determined to fix that! No excuses--other than these aching legs and knees from RUNNING THE FSU STADIUM BLEACHERS with Sweetie while in Tallahassee recently and a lot of POUNDING THE PAVEMENT on my way to winning these Division Titles and Advancing to the Play-offs in all these tennis leagues!

Well, I just finished training with Anna Mae (not legs of course!). OOOOh, Epsom Salt and Jacuzzi Jets here I come!

Then off to start my work day and then the weekend!

I am Shay Shay Fit. I won't be Tricked!

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