Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Have the Genes!

For the Christmas holiday, my family (parents and maternal grandparents--see November 29th post for a picture of them) journeyed from Virginia to ATL. While there was plenty of delicious food to be had (and I did indulge but with some discipline so that I would not blow up) and of course lots of memories that I will cherish forever, I was also able to get some inspiration for my health and fitness journey.

Everyday, even in the cold and with flurries falling, my 86 years young grandfather (who broke his ribs from a freak tub fall just 8 weeks ago) made sure he got outside and walked the neighborhood. He didn't just meander along. He walked with a pretty swift pace. On top of that, on the one really warm day we had (I could go on about the cold, but I won't), he got out on the tennis court with me. I hate that I didn't get pictures (I know Jon--not good) or video! Granddad chased balls and was eager to get tips on improving his serve (which he hadn't practiced in probably 20 years!). After a few minutes of refreshing, he had some really nice serves! It was AMAZING!

Then there is my 80 years young grandmother. Now Grandma's pace is a little slower than Granddad's due to years of battling near death pneumonia almost every year around Christmastime for 5 years in her late 60s. NOTE: she hasn't been in the hospital in 10 years, which is when she decided to get a job in the fast food industry to give her something else to do (on top of her tailoring and custom sewing business). She still works at the joint at least 4 days a week, 5 hours a day. Yet, she has no problem parking a little farther away from the store front (no need to take up handicap spaces when there are folks who really need them, right?) and professes that it is good for her to trek up the stairs in my house. She also still cuts her own grass at home and is an avid gardener. Grandma also made sure that she didn't overeat (she's lost 50 lbs and is determined NOT to gain any back) and took in lots of veggies.

So, as you can see--I have the genes; I have role models for health and fitness. I have no excuses. If my grandparents in their 80s can still focus on being fit, then I certainly can!
This is why I got up this morning to meet G for training (it was a tough session for me, but I feel great-now that it's over. smiles) despite being a little tired from all the work it takes to be the super holiday hostess I am.

I love you Granddad and Grandma. Thank you for being my inspirations in so many ways!

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Wifey said...

I LOVE it! Isn't it wonderful when family inspires us! So glad you had a great visit and can't wait to see you back on the courts!

Winks & Smiles,