Thursday, December 2, 2010

One Day to USTA Mixed City Finals: My 5 Point Focus!

My USTA Mixed Doubles team is headed back to the City Finals again! Tomorrow we hit the courts with the goal of taking the WHOLE thing this time!

We had a great, but cold practice last night. I was a little rusty at first as I hadn't been on the courts in---10 Days! NOT GOOD! The weather and my wardrobe proved a bit of a challenge But, I'm ready now. Planning to get on the courts again tonight.

My game plan (I doubt my opponents read my blog): 1. Serve to the Middle; 2. COME IN! 3. Turn, Bend, Lift, and FOLLOW-THROUGH; 4. STAY CALM; and 5. HAVE FUN!

I have an awesome partner who reads the court well and is great at talking through points. With the line-up our fearless captain V put together, I know VICTORY is OURS!


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