Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy March 1st! A Season for Setting Goals

I can't believe it's March 1st. I heard it's National Pancake Day. Good grief--I enjoyed my Steel Cut Oatmeal with Half Bananas this morning, Thank You Very Much.

The beginning of March always gets me excited. March 1st is almost like a holiday for me. It signals that the official start of Spring is near--although the temperatures are already getting warmer and the daylight hours are lingering a little longer-YES!

With Spring approaching and fast, it's really a great time to really up the ante on this fitness journey of mine. Tis' the Season for Setting Goals! I'm setting a new and different goal for myself: 1,000 minutes of exercise for the month of March.

This goal partnered with good ol' consistent clean eating, I am bound to see some great results!

To really accomplish this goal I MUST get up hind up in the mornings and workout! The evening time just isn't my ideal time for working out. I can always find something else to do (or not do) but at the crack of dawn there is nothing to do BUT WORKOUT!

I had a great start on this March 1st day logging about 98 minutes already--just today!


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