Sunday, March 27, 2011

All About Consistent Behavior

While it's been a almost a few weeks since I have posted, I am doing well and feeling great! So, what am I doing these days? 1. Consistently Exercising my Body. I'm tracking my workout/activity minutes and have been increasing the intensity of my workouts. I have added in the hills and circuit moves with some fellow tennis junkies before tennis practice as a bonus. And while I am still not feeling pulling away at the gym on machines, I have some great dvds that are really intense-AND THEY TRAVEL! I can't wait to try out my new Turbo Fire intense cardio training dvd. 2. Consistently Exercising Food Discipline. I had to face it. I'm busy. I travel for work. I have great folks that with whom I like to socialize. I can't and don't want to change these things. So, I just had to change the way I approached eating when I'm busy, traveling for work, and then going out with my peeps. It's okay to ask my friends if we can order the "Skinny Pizza" and salad. It's okay for me to chew gum while others eat dessert (oh that bread pudding with toffee, caramel, cinnamon, tequila, and ice cream sounded so good, but it would not have been good for me!). And, I can enjoy Mexican--one of my favorite types of cuisine--without inhaling a whole basket of chips (such a simple thing--fried corn tortillas but they get so many people! LOL) 3. NOT Consistently Checking My Weight. So, somehow my scale is not working. I've changed the battery and it is still not working. I use to be a super regular weight checker. The more I think about it, this habit has been more of a detriment to me than anything else. Focusing on those digital numbers can trigger all sorts of mindsets. "Oh, I'm getting close--let me indulge a little more or relax the program." Oh no, what happened! How did I gain this much weight in this much time!" FRUSTRATION! Lately, I've been focusing on the pair of jeans WITH NO LYCRA and the linen pants that don't give an inch in my closet and how they fit. These really good indicators of my fat loss, which really means more to me than the numbers on a scale. I'm already seeing results and others are too (THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW!) If I keep up these things and continue to improve on them, I know I will reach my goals. I just have to KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING!

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