Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rest--A Must!

Things are going really well with the current plan. I am eating on plan without deviation and getting in great training sessions, cardio and tennis court time. I am seeing results (South Beach here I come!)

With all the work I am putting in to train, I am guess I was exhausted. I had not rested properly. Even my "rest" days were spent on the court.  Thursday I walked into the gym, and L (my trainer) immediately knew I was beat!   L knew exactly how to challenge me while making sure I would be effective--given my exhaustion. She slowed down the pace and didn't require me to do a lot of jumping.  It was just what I needed. I had a great workout and actually walked out of the gym feeling refreshed.  L instructed me to take at least two rest days--real rest days!  So, Saturday I obeyed! I went to the tennis courts to watch a tournament (which is typically an excuse to get on the courts myself), but I didn't even take my gear (and I always have my gear!).

I needed this break and know that rest has to be a part of my training.  With everything in life, my training needs balance. A set back due to exhaustion or injury is not an option!

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