Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Feeling Like Me Again (Just Leaner!)

I am FINALLY feeling like Shay Shay after battling this nasty sinus infection for way too long!  I am almost done with the antibiotics, and I am very thankful for them (smile)!

Yesterday I hopped on the scale and learned that I am down 16 lbs since starting to work with L exactly 2 months ago! I am very pleased with L, my progress, and my commitment!

We took some pictures (I know my Sweetie thinks I should post more pictures, but I am not ready to post these yet!), and I am truly amazed at the changes I am seeing in my physique.  I had the slight obsessive, compulsive, competitive urge to be disappointed with certain areas.  I decided that it would not be productive and instead will use my progress and pictures to motivate me to KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING!

I know that with L's plans, my commitment, and consistency I can expect some great things in the next couple months!

I am looking forward to it!

Go Get it Shay Shay!

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