Monday, July 23, 2012

Body Boldly Going Where it has NEVER Gone Before!

Oh what a wonderful weekend I just had! It almost felt like a holiday weekend.  I started the weekend off with a great concert featuring Tank, Babyface, the O'Jays, Patti LaBelle and Frankie Beverly and Maze.  Then it was off to the BB&T Atlanta Open to watch Isner and Roddick battle it out in the semi-finals along with ATL's Donald Young and his partner in the doubles semis.  Then I ended the weekend with a movie and patio dinner at Atlantic Station AND the rain did not ruin any experience! 

With all of this wonderful activity, the biggest challenge for me was WHAT TO WEAR!  In the past, this has been a problem of clothes being too small. But these days, many of my clothes--especially pants--are just too darn big!  


While I wasn't looking for a reason to shop, all of my effort on program with Trainer Lisa Tanker-Potts at Boutique Body Fitness is forcing me! 

Boutique Body Fitness Studio
650 Hamilton Avenue SE
Atlanta, GA 30312

I hit the stores Saturday and pick out SIZE 4 jeans, shorts, and capri pants and they ALL FIT GREAT!

Now, I know many women have worn size 4 in their lives even if they currently do not BUT NOT Shay Shay!

I went from pre-teen husky straight to 10/12s!  Size 4 for me is a BIG FRIGGIN' Deal!  

I am very excited and motivated to Keep the Momentum Going and continue to Boldly Go Where this Body has Never Gone Before! 

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