Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pure Delight!

For some time now, I have really been watching my sodium intake among other non-herbal additives.  My mantra when I go out to eat (when I am sticking to plan as I should) has been: no butter, no oil, no salt, please. 

While many may think that this would make for really bland meals, I am finding what I am now going to call PURE DELIGHT in the rich, but simple, pretty much, unadulterated flavor of clean food. 

I really have trained my taste buds to uncover this Pure Delight.  If there is even a smidgen of salt, my taste buds (and many times my head--headaches) get overwhelmed.

Finding this Pure Delight makes it super simple to stick to my eat-clean lifestyle AND enjoy my meals! Shay Shay is and has always been (since the days in my grandmother Omia's kitchen) a FOODIE! 

To give you a sense of this Pure Delight let's look at my lunch out with my colleagues yesterday to Miller  I was tempted to pass because I wanted to get back to my tighter clean eating after about 7 days of vacation, but I enjoy getting out of the office with my group.  Passing--especially on a beautiful Friday afternoon was not really going to happen. I had to make it work.

I contemplated eating at my desk prior to leaving and just getting tea--maybe a salad--at Miller Union.

Instead of "being weird" I decided preview the restaurant menu and determine what I could work and then called the restaurant to ask if they would be able to accommodate me.  

Of course they could!  

I chose the trout from on entree, the green beans from another, and the farro (after being told the butternut squash already had been prepped in butter)-- ALL with NO BUTTER, NO OIL, NO SALT!


I absolutely enjoyed it AND stayed on plan!  


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