Monday, September 3, 2012

Adventures in Shay Shay Travel: The US Open!

Happy Labor Day!

I just finished watching Serena Williams beat her opponent hands down 6-0, 6-0 and now watching some incredible doubles play by the Bryan Brothers. Oh how I LOVE this GAME!

I had the wonderful fortune to spend time in NYC for the 2012 US Open! I saw so many awesome players do their thing on the court. For me, the US Open was like the Super Bowl, March Madness, the Olympic Games, the World Cup and World Series(and any other major sporting event/series) ALL IN ONE!

If only I had figured out the darn zoom function on my iPhone camera! I could have gotten some awesome shots--like a closer up of the Williams Sisters:

While I've been told that if I don't have pictures on this blog, then it didn't happen, I KNOW I saw:  the Williams Sisters, the  Bryan Brothers, Federer, Murray, Tsonga, Bartoli, Stouser, Sloan Stephens, and Sharapova to just name a few. 

What DID happen is that I was totally prepared to stay on my plan while at the Open. We pretty much stayed ALL DAY and NIGHT and the healthy food choices are limited and EXPENSIVE and not on plan.  

 Here is my cooler. Packed up with enough lean protein, veggies, complex carbs, and sugar-free gum for the ENTIRE trip! Tip: frozen ice packs are totally TSA Security friendly. I only bought one full meal the entire trip! It SAVED me in so many ways!

With storage bags and foil, getting in all my clean meals was virtually hassle free!

    And, of course I got in my workouts!  I even pushed myself harder than I have ever done during my treadmill circuit workout. I am no longer afraid of 7.0 sprints?!?! Not Shay Shay Baaabbbbyyyy! 

Shay Shay is proving that I can vacation, enjoy myself and NOT COMPROMISE my overall healthy, fit lifestyle. This makes me extremely proud and happy.

I look forward to my next adventure.  Until then, here is a picture that I just think is way cool that happened totally by accident. Shay Shay's silhouette against the US Open lighted logo. My last moment on the grounds of Billy Jean King Stadium.

And this is me at the Historic Lenox Lounge in Harlem having a little post-US Open fun!  I got my dance (and extra cardio in for sure!)


Wifey said...

You look Fabulous! Glad you had fun and kudos for staying on track!

Mrs. RBC said...

Shay-Shay!! Just want to drop a line and let you know that your sweetie isn't the only one who looks forward to these posts! Although I haven't seen you in at least 7 years or so, my parents speak of you and I'm glad you're doing well. After reading this blog three months ago I started training for my first 5K and will travel to the ATL this weekend to conquer my challenge/fear! This ONLY happened because I saw your progress and got totally psyched to get in better shape and enjoy my life and children and husband!!! Thanks for the blog and I will try to let you in on my progress as well! Whoops, forgot to tell you it's Carmella's daughter, EVA!!

Shay Shay said...

Thanks Wifey!

EVA! Thank you for stopping by my blog! So great to hear from you! It was great to see pictures of your beautiful family. I will be in touch because I want to hear all about your 5K! Congratulations!

I better get back to posting! I have been absent for 3 weeks!