Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Origins of Shay Shay and Why I Am Blogging

In 1999, I began a journey toward a 46 lb weight loss. I felt and looked great! By 2006, the year I turned 30, I had pretty much gained back all 46 lbs. For my 30th birthday, I bought myself personal training sessions to help me get back to the healthier me. I was tired of being overweight, not buying pants (yes, I refused to buy pants because I wasn't going to go to THAT size--can you relate?), and not liking the way I looked in pictures (see the extra large me (pink top) in Summer 2005. NOTE: I was not at my heaviest in this picture. By 2007, I couldn't fit those jeans!). I trained and trained, and lost hardly any weight! Why? Because I had not changed my eating habits. In June 2007, I discovered "clean eating" (thanks to my biggest supporter Ron). Clean Eating gave me the boost I needed. Coupled with some serious motivation in the gym, the pounds started to drop. Shortly thereafter, Shay Shay was born (thanks to my trainer Murph, who started working with me in August 2007 and who just couldn't bear to call me Shannon during our sessions). Shannon has always been motivated to succeed, but Shay Shay, as Murph would say, "takes [her] game to another level" when she works out.

So now, its October 2008 and about 45 lbs later (see me (black dress) in September 2008, a work in progress), I am Losing Fat and Winning in Life (Life is great; I feel great!). Yet, Shay Shay sometimes let's Shannon's crazy work/travel life get in the way of her goals and she loses focus. So, I have decided to create this blog to keep me motivated, honest and accountable, and to encourage others to reach their goals for health and fitness. I have not reached my goal of 18-21 % body fat, so I need to keep pressing toward the mark. Shay Shay will be as open and honest as Shannon will allow her to be. (smile) I look forward to sharing this journey with you.


Myra B. said...

Yay! I look forward to sharing your journey. Congratulations on your healthy achievement thus far!

EMS said...

Hi Shannon
For those who actually know you, we have seen you dedicate yourself to a healthier lifestyle - so we know there is no gimmick involved! Clean eating + exercise is the only way to go.
Thanks for the inspiration