Friday, October 31, 2008

Body Weight Exercises are No Joke! and My Treat, No Tricks for Halloween!

Now that I am not traveling for a little while, I was able to have a training session with Murph yesterday. I hadn't totally abandoned my workout during my travels. I did some cardio and lifted some weights. Well, I clearly do not push myself as much as Murph pushes me! After about 15 minutes of body weight exercises (walking lunges, jump squats, high knees, oh my!) my legs were BURNING!! "Come on Shay Shay," Murph says. "Do 15; I'm sorry I meant do 20, Sis." Yeah, he wasn't sorry at all!

Well, I did 15 and then I did 20, and then repeated some more. 45 minutes had passed, and I was feeling it! Then Murph tells me, take six laps around the the indoor track! Are you kidding me? "No, Shay Shay, you can do it." And, he was right. I did it! I'm sore, but it's that good kind of sore. The feeling of accomplishment.

Now, I just need to push myself just as hard in the gym as Murph pushes me. I'm a work in progress, but I know I'll get there.

It is Halloween, but no candy for me this year! In just a few moments, I will be meeting some girlfriends for a nice Indian meal out--a real TREAT for me! I'm making sure NOT to play any TRICKs with my goals and overeat just because I'm socializing and having fun.

Be Safe Out There and Have a Great Weekend!

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