Friday, March 6, 2009

Challenges Always Come . . .

Challenges always come, but they don't have to rule! The last few days I've been battling some type of stomach bug. Without sharing too much, let's just say I've been a little uncomfortable lately. I have had to eat very bland foods. The good thing is that clean eating made it easy because I don't regularly eat the grease and sugar that I've been told to avoid.

I was all ready to really start working out like my Sweetie and boom--I get the bubble guts. As I go through this journey toward optimal health and fitness, I'm learning that challenges are just a part of the excursion (sore knees, hurt foot, work, other commitments). I cannot let the challenges win. Although I haven't been feeling my best, I have still managed to get in some moderate exercise. I didn't want to let this setback get me into a "lazy" mode.

On the bright side, I'm really looking forward to Spring and Summer! The weather is supposed to be really nice this weekend. I'm hoping that my stomach will let me fully enjoy it. This is the first summer t/swim hat I'm really looking forward to because I WILL look great in that bikini this summer! With the hint of warm weather and body fat to loose, I'm more motivated than ever!!

Bring it on!!!!

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Myra B. said...

Hope you're feeling better!