Sunday, March 1, 2009

Work Out Like My Man; Look Like His Lady

Happy March 1st! A new month, a new opportunity to set goals and meet challenges! Steve Harvey has a new best selling book, Think Like A Man; Act Like A Lady. I haven't read it, but I listen to Mr. Harvey in the mornings, so I have some insight to what he means.

These days, I find inspiration and motivation in the most unlikely things. Mr. Harvey's book got me to thinking about the wonderful physique my Sweetie is developing and how he gets there. He doesn't eat any cleaner than I, but the intensity of his work out is 10 times mine. I am convinced that it is his workout that provides him with the body-shaping edge.

Starting today, the first day of a new month, which is the perfect opportunity to issue a new challenge to myself: Shay Shay will Work Out Like My Man; Look Like His Lady. I need to face the fact that my plateau (although I see progress) is more than likely due to the intensity of my workouts.

I am confident that with clean eating and more intense training, I will truly get out of this plateau and to my goal.

Shay Shay let's do this: Work out like my man and look like the lady that makes him stick out those new, buffed pecks.

Happy March!

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Sandra Battle said...

Greetings! I pray all is well...

Shay, Shay! You are an inspiration to us all. I noticed when I saw you last you were looking like a winner {looking good}

I have begun healthy eating for "Mighty Ninety"; you have inspired and infused me to be begin my workout regiment starting today. I am hoping to develop a lifestyle of healthy eating and working out.

I really need to lose about 50 pounds {health reasons and well, just because - it is affecting me spiritually}

Thanks for the encouragement. Love your blog....

Love U Much

Sandra Battle