Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Great Weekend of . . .

Sorority Sisters, Friends, Wedding Bliss, FOOD and Spirits!!

This weekend was a very busy, but oh so fun! With my dear sorority sister's wedding during a long weekend and lots of company in town, there was a lot of tasty food and some tasty beverages to be had. And I HAD IT! And IT WAS GOOD! Starting with Friday night's post-rehearsal festivities and ending with the Memorial Day barbecue at my favorite Chef Joel Shaw's home, there was oh so tasty food everywhere!

And then came Tuesday. And the scale. And the extra approximately 6 lbs!

But, am I fretting? NO!! I have the tools to get back on track. And today I am back on track. These 6 lbs will be gone in no time, and I'll be down even more and closer to that bikini before I know it. Also, seeing progress and some "before" pictures of me inspired some of my sorority sisters to get a better handle on their health and fitness too! I'm looking forward to journeying with them as they progress.

So, although I have to put in a little extra work because I back tracked, I have no real regrets. I had a fabulous weekend with my sorority sisters (Shout out to Eternity and Redemption!), my tennis crew (Yeah, Ladies of McGhee!) and friends (The Shaw Family is always wonderful hosts!).

This healthy lifestyle is a constant journey. As I progress, I will get a better handle on how to better manage food and spirits during times of prolonged celebrations. Rome was not built in a day and neither are fabulous bodies!

I'll post wedding pictures later this week. I'm pooped (but I did get in a kettlebell session today!).

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