Friday, May 22, 2009

What's going on with Shay Shay?

Things are going pretty well these days. Although I'm not on the tennis courts (and therefore I'm healing nicely now), I am finding ways to still remain active. My strength training with weights and kettlebells has picked up because it does not impact my foot, and I got back on the indoor cycling bike yesterday (it was great and no pressure on my foot! yeah!).

I am also eating with much more discipline these days, and it is paying off for me. I went jeans shopping on a whim a couple days ago. I picked up size 8 designer (but discounted) jeans, which always seem to run smaller (or that's what I use to tell myself). And THEY FIT! And I LOOKED GOOD IN THEM!! This was a huge deal for me because although I was wearing size 8 pants, I had not graduated down to size 8 jeans. Looking at myself in the mirror gave me more motivation to Keep Up the Momentum! I really do see that bikini on the horizon!

Hmmm, let's see what else is going on with Shay Shay? Oh, I have discovered Bison!!! I have not eaten beef in 10 years because I just didn't make lean choices. I was a "Whopper, with extra pickle, no cheese, cut in half, please, kind of girl." I like Turkey and Blackbean Burgers and was content with them--until I discovered BISON!!! Oh, my goodness! They taste better than beef to me AND have LESS FAT than Chicken!!! Yes, LESS fat! I've heard about Bison and how lean it was from clean eating guru Tosca Reno, but I just hadn't tried it. Thanks to My Sweetie, I'm now hooked!!

Last thing: I'm on Super Maid of Honor duty this weekend. It's my dear friend and sorority sister Gina's Wedding Weekend (it brings me joy to see her so happy and excited about love!). All of my linesisters--ALL 11 of Us will be in town, along with our beloved Big Sister. I'm so excited to have them here!! And, of course, I have to relate this to my journey: I've been in a lot of weddings (not quite 27 Dresses, but I've had my share). This is THE FIRST TIME that I really feel good about how I look in my bridesmaid dress (which is short and I can actually wear again--unless it gets too big after I lean out more. LOL!). For the first time, I can walk down the aisle and not feel like everyone is looking at me saying, "My, Shannon has gotten a little plump."

Oh, one more thing and last thing for real: Since I started my journey in June 2007 toward better health and fitness, I've been wearing a fabulous hair weave. I didn't want any excuses not to work out (hair has always been an issue for lady gym goers, especially we women of color with chemically processed hair). Well, I took out the weave for the wedding and am wearing my hair--100% natural and virgin! It was so long and healthy. But, I have to seriously think about what's next. I will not chemically process it again. But sweating it out in the gym and the lovely Georgia humidity is going to make things difficult. Whatever I decide, I will not let this hair interfere with my new, active lifestyle. Shay Shay is just going to have to figure it out!

Well, since it's 5:40 AM, and I have a busy weekend I guess I should get some rest.

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