Thursday, May 14, 2009

Now, I'm Working Out with My Man!

A few posts ago, I discussed Working Out Like My Man. Well, honestly, I was not very effective alone. So, I enlisted the help of My Sweetie. He has certainly risen to the task (even finding ways to accommodate my foot, which I am supposed to rest until it heals properly--Still NO TENNIS ARRGGHH!). I actually think he is enjoying seeing me in pain! I must admit, even as my quads and hamstrings burn, it is a good pain. I also know that it will pay off if I hold up my end of the bargain and eat clean, watch my portions, and stay motivated. Thank you for all your support, Sweetie!

Aaaah, STAYING MOTIVATED!!! Staying motivated takes work--go figure. It takes focus and keeping my eyes on the prize--not getting content with short term goals and letting long term goals fall by the wayside! Translation: Shay Shay! Just because you are fitting comfortably in your size 8 pants, don't forget that you have a FAT LOSS goal that must be reached if I'm going to dare wear a bikini this summer!!!

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