Friday, July 23, 2010

Bring it on!

It's about 6:15 AM. Tomorrow morning this time, I will be getting ready for Round 1 of the USTA Southern Sectionals in Birmingham, Alabama where the McGhee Super Slammers will represent Georgia at the 3.0 Women's Level! I am SO PUMPED! I am SO READY! Our TEAM is SO PREPARED!

I have grilled my chicken breast, and packed my oatmeal, wraps, protein powder, nuts, minimal salt/low-fat popcorn, and high protein/low sugar protein bars. Upon arrival I will be getting some fresh veggies. I'm traveling with my trainer, so this helps with sticking to my clean eating. We will also have full kitchens--A MUST--at the hotel.

This is NOT vacation! This is a Mission!

It's all about McGhee! Competition will be tough, but my motto is that our team IS TOUGHER!

Smart and Aggressive Tennis--from the first point to match point all the way to the FINALS!

We're Fired Up! Ready to Go!

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Wifey said...

Yay! Way to lead the troops, Captain! I'm FIRED UP, too. Can't wait to see you there. Oh, and your food sound yummy. Dinner in Shannon's room!

Winks & Smiles,