Friday, July 9, 2010

It's on Like Pop-Popcorn!

Boy was today tough! It was my third straight day of training with Camille. I woke up already a tad tired because I stayed up a little late due to the excitement of the USTA Southern Sectionals Championship Schedule being posted--Birmingham here we come!

Today was shoulders, back, and abs and IT WAS TOUGH! I know part of it is due to being out of training for a few weeks--but DANG! Anna Mae was too happy to see my face in agony! LOL! It was truly on like POPCORN!

Speaking of popcorn (as I've spoken in previous posts): I am now officially done with microwave popcorn. I am all over stovetop popcorn popped in a little olive oil and topped with butter spray (got to love butter spray!) and a sprinkle of sea salt--just a little or even better table blend seasoning with NO SALT! Such a tasty snack. Even my Sweetie loves it!

There's nothing like some popcorn to take the hunger edge off. And it feels like cheating--but it is so not cheating! A true treat!

Well, this will be a busy weekend. One of my beloved sorority sisters is coming to town. I'm hanging out with friends for a birthday celebration, and of course--TENNIS! I play in a charity tournament in the morning to support the Atlanta 3-Day Walk for Susan G. Koman to raise funds to fight breast cancer. Then USTA is Sunday.

No rest for the active, but I'll be sure to get to bed a good hours this week. I can't be drained before Birmingham!

Have a great weekend!

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