Monday, July 12, 2010

Fired Up! Ready to Go!

During the last Presidential election, a zealous Obama supporter use to rally voters with the chant--Fired Up! Ready to Go! This fiesty lady got national attention as future President Obama used the chant on the campaign trail.

Since then I have LOVED this chant and have used it for tennis. As I get ready to start the week (after a TOUGH loss and drama yesterday on the courts), I am FIRED UP! READY to GO!

We are less than two weeks away from stomping on Birmingham for USTA Sectionals. I am starting boot camp at work today. I have reprogrammed my brain to get back to STRICT clean eating (STOP all the compromises Shay Shay--I AM NOT AT GOAL YET!) Looking forward to the three-day a week training with Anna Mae. My cooler is packed, and I am ready to start my day!

I am Shay Shay, and I'm Fired Up! Ready to Go!


Wifey said...

How inspiring! I'm right there with you - now that is. I've been slacking but I'm Fired Up and Ready to Go, too!

Winks & Smiles,

Jonathan said...

Good luck in Birmingham. I think this is your link: