Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Feeling Like Me Again!

Ah, since my last post I've recovered from being ill, went to Los Angeles with Sweetie and joined about 3,000 fellow Virginia 'Hoos for a near victory against the USC Trojans, and finally had some days of rest!

I also finally got back to the grocery store and cooked! I didn't realize how much I missed eating my own cooking--egg white omelets, crab cakes, broiled salmon, grilled chicken, oh my!--and all the positive effects thereof: increased energy and better weight management.

I've even bought ingredients for Bulge-Free Brownies--protein packed 100 calorie bars that Oxygen Magazines claims are great for mornings and pre-workout. I'm going to endeavor to make them tonight. I literally can't wait to get home from my meeting to make them!

Stayed tuned!

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