Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Didn't Get Tricked; Feeling Good; Gotta Push, Push, Push!

I survived the Treats and didn't get Tricked! I did indulge in a few treats, but didn't go overboard. For this I am proud. (smile). Moving on . . .

I had an awesome leg workout on this super rainy morning with Anna Mae. It was tough, but I really feel good. I even got in a good cardio workout. I'm going to use this morning's session to propel me to do more than Keep the Momentum Going. I am going to commit to PUSH, PUSH, PUSH myself like I've never PUSHed before!

This hamster on the wheel pace that I am currently on is unacceptable to me. Am I maintaining the progress Anna Mae and I started in January? Yes. Can I do better to really reach my goals? MOST DEFINITELY YES! I have tweaked my goals a bit--setting some short term goals in addition to some long term goals. I KNOW I can reach them!

Oh, and I can't go too long without talking about tennis (yes, Sweetie, you're right. This tennis thing is an obsession. LOL!). My Division Winning McGhee Super Slammers Women's team (Atlanta Lawn Tennis league) fell short in the play-offs. It was a great season PUSHing from 1 point after week one to WINNING the DIVISION! Yet, this team is not going to rest on just winning the division. We're going to re-group and worker harder on our technical and mental games so that we can reach our goal and SOON--Winning the City!

My USTA Mixed Doubles team has also won the division and we play in the first round of the play-offs Friday. I KNOW we can get it done! Let's Go McGhee!

And, I am soooo excited that my colleague and T2 flex league Mixed Doubles partner, Marty, and I are advancing to the City Finals! We play this Sunday. I didn't play my best in the semi-final last night, but I never got down on myself. I kept PUSHing and Marty kept being an AWESOME partner. VICTORY was ours! City Finals HERE WE COME!

With all this rain, I could get back in the bed, but it's time to get moving with the rest of my day!

I am Shay Shay!


Sweetie said...

Always remember this maxim I heard from a coach: "You can't get to a place you've never been if you keep doing the stuff you've always done." Keep pushing and dare to be different!

Wifey said...

PUSH, PUSH, PUSH! If anyone can do it you can.

Good luck this weekend!

Winks & Smiles,