Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Actions Show Louder than Words: Just Do It!

In the past I have posted that if there are gaps in my blogging, then there are gaps in my focus and discipline on my fat loss journey. And this has been the truth. However, this past year, I have been more consistent than ever with blogging. I have accomplished quite a bit, and I am proud.

But I know that I am still not at my best. On this blog, I've been doing quite of bit of talking (or posting) about getting in the best shape I can, but my effort has not matched my talk (or posting).

Starting tonight, I am committing to MYSELF to put in the effort. I am committing to REAL FOCUS. I am committed to REAL, DEDICATED ACTION! I will still continue to blog. Frankly, it's therapeutic. But for right now I will be blogging about what I've DONE not what I'm GOING to DO!

In the words of Sweetie, I'm going to Just Do It!

I know if I commit to Action the results will speak--really more SHOW--louder than words.

So while I may not talk as much about my goals or what I am going to do, I will be doing. And the results will show because . . .

I am Shay Shay and I DO!

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