Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good to Have Friends Who Support You--This One is for You Beast!

I've always said that I owe my positive gains (or more appropriately worded--losses) to the support network I have developed on this fat loss journey. One such friend/supporter--we affectionately call her Beast because of her skills and push-ups on the tennis court--today proved to be my friend and supporter indeed.

Earlier today, I emailed Beast about a tempting meal I saw on the website of one of my favorite dining spots-MetroFresh. Now ordinarily I get nice, clean, healthy and low calorie entrees there. Their salads are awesome and they always have a nice, simple chicken breast. But today, I saw the scallops (which at MetroFresh are prepared in an acceptable clean eating way ) with the--ahhhh-Grit Cake (YUMMY but not so acceptable).

Well, I avoided the temptation and came home (I've been sick and needed to come home and continue to rest anyway) and ate one of my own clean meals--grilled salmon and spinach with salsa on corn tortillas--my own version of YUMMY!

Anyhoo, although I had already made my clean eating choice, I just got from Beast a 12 Step Program she thought of us for Foodies just like us who are determined to better healthier and fitter and need reminders along the way. She actually sent it minutes after I emailed her initially, but the darn email got lost in cyberspace. Here it is:

1. Drink some water
2. Visualize something you have at home that you could eat that is a less caloric choice
3. Eat a small snack right now - almonds, fruit, popcorn
4. Visualize that meal you planned again
5. Think about how good you feel when you are leaner
6. Visualize that meal you planned again
7. Drink more water
8. Visualize that meal you planned again
9. Think about how hard you train
10.Visualize that meal you planned again
11. Think about how awesome you are to have lost so much weight already
12. Visualize that meal.

I really like this. I will refer to it when I have those moments of temptation that aren't on my treat day.

Thanks Beast!

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Wifey said...

LOVE this! Go Beast ... and Shay Shay!

Winks & Smiles,