Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm Proving I Can Keep Up the Heat!

The last time I posted, I said I was Turning Up the Heat, and I AM! I'm really excited and proud of myself for sticking with my eating and workout plan! I even prevailed over Mom's pound cake, blueberry waffles, blueberry muffins, brownies, banana pudding, and fried potatoes (yeah, that's how the Pierce household rolls!) while I was home for Surry County High School's Commencement (I was the speaker, btw). See It really wasn't all that hard to resist. I took a pinch of cake and a spoon of banana pudding and was done. It was all I needed to experience a little taste of home. One key for keeping on plan was my mother graciously stocking the fridge with egg whites, spinach, asparagus, tomatoes and Grandma's homegrown squash, zucchini, romaine, and cucumber. Mom also had plenty of fish for me as well. I also came prepared with my almonds, prunes, and Atkins bars.

So many of my family and friends complimented me on my physique, but they often used the term "skinny". As I mentioned previously, my goal is not to be skinny. I WANT MUSCLE! I was really encouraged by one family member who said, "wow, your body is so athletic!" Bam! This is what I want. I want to look like a well-trained athlete. Now, I am not where I want to be yet, but I am on my way. I can SEE IT!

So, I will keep at it. I will continue to up the ante and push myself more and more. I know I will reach my goal!

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