Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Friend Sandra Holliday; Gone Too Soon

It is with a heavy spirit that I write about my friend and neighbor Sandra Holliday who is now at eternal rest after losing a battle with cancer last Thursday.

I will miss Sandra dearly. With my family living in Virginia, Sandra and other dear neighbors have become my family. We look out for each other. We have had some great times together fellowshipping in each other's homes and working together in our neighborhood homeowners' association.

Having no children of her own, Sandra called me her daughter. She always encouraged me as I try to advance personally and professionally. Sandra was a great cheerleader of mine. It has been hard for me to accept that I will no longer see Sandra and her beloved canine companion Buddy walking in the mornings. I will no longer get to chat with her and laugh about all the "drama" that we some times experience as we try to make our neighborhood the best place to live for us and our families. Oh, and I can never forget the whirlwind airport adventure she and I had last Thanksgiving.

I will, however, always remember to strive to live the best life I can and make the most positive impact to my family, friends, neighbors, and my community. I use to always tell Sandra how I admired how active she was in retirement. She enjoyed the company of good people-she knew how to have a good time. She traveled. She served her community. She was and forever will be a role model for me.

I am truly grateful for the 6 years I had to get to know Sandra. She taught me more than I know she probably ever knew.

While I feel like Sandra at almost 65 left this earth way to soon, her contributions will forever have a lasting impact--especially on me.

Rest well Sandra. You have earned your eternal reward.

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