Friday, June 3, 2011

It's June-Time to Turn Up the Heat!

Ah, where the heck did January through May go?! With my super busy schedule these days, the time is just flying!

Despite all the ripping and running I've been doing, I have been focused on shedding fat, and shedding fat I am!

Since March 1st, I have lost almost 20lbs! Now, let's be clear--some of this was some back-track loss from a few months of a less than consistent and focused clean eating and workout lifestyle. BUT, here is a key difference-my body fat composition has really changed! Although I weigh only about 5 lbs less than I did a year ago, I am visibly leaner--all over--than I was a year ago! This excites me and is motivating me to TURN UP THE HEAT!

I am not nearly close to my body composition goal. I refuse to be skinny fat. I WANT MUSCLE!

Let me reflect on what I did to get to where I am and what got me to this point, and then I'm going to think hard and discuss with my trainer regarding how I need to Turn Up the Heat and take this body to the next level.

What I have been doing:

1. Keeping it real with myself! I knew I had not being doing what I needed to do to make sure I am in the best shape I can be. I just admitted it and re-focused.

2. Research! Thanks to Sweetie, I picked up a few articles and a book that really opened my eyes as to why my diet, while generally clean, still not yield the fat loss I desired.

3. I implemented what I learn into my clean eating lifestyle. I cut down on the carbs, limited my sugar intake, and focused on the quality and timing of my protein intake more. I have been really diligent about "indulgences" and have learned that I can say no or just take a bite and be okay. I am a very social person, but I realized that I can socialize and still make really good choices for my meals while I am out. I know I knew this, but I just wasn't truly mentally ready to get beyond what I know are my fitness sabotage triggers (these are self triggers--no one to blame but ME!).

4. I made sure I worked out consistently, even while on the road. I'm an early riser no matter what. I really have no excuse not to get up and workout. By the time my busy schedule for work starts, the exercise is done!

5. I am keeping a food and workout log.

6. Significantly, I am focusing less on the scale and more on m body fat composition.

So, here's what I need to do to take it to the next level:

1. Increase the intensity of my exercise when I am on my own.

2. PUMP MORE IRON and do more BODY WEIGHT STRENGTH TRAINING! This is where my trainer will come in; I know I need help in this area. I know I need to TURN UP THE HEAT here if I am going to continue to lean out and build more muscle.

3. Stay consistent; not get content with the scale or the size of clothes I can wear--FOCUS ON THE FAT LOSS!

I will continue to strive for the best body I can achieve. If I do this, I know I can win. I just have to TURN UP THE HEAT and watch the FAT BURN!

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