Thursday, August 16, 2012

Following Trainer's Orders

Shay Shay has been one busy lady the last couple weeks!

On top of my usual busy, my Mixed Doubles team and I competed this past weekend at the USTA Georgia State Championships in Augusta.

We were a wildcard team (i.e. we didn't advance to the City Finals; fell short at the semi-finals).  We had a relatively small roster.  We are not spring chickens (LOL! no offense team--just saying).  YET, we are some pretty darn good players, with LOTS OF FIGHT and SPIRIT!

We had 5 round robin matches and went UNDEFEATED in our group!  We sealed our way to the play-offs and had to play 3 matches in ONE DAY (including one against our fellow tennis center and division mates) to get us to the Semi-finals.  We gave it our ALL and LEFT IT ALL ON THE COURTS, but fell short to the team that took it all and won the Championship.

All of that meant that Shay Shay played 6 matches in 4 days!  Did I handle it, endure and perform well? Of course. I am in the best shape of my life for goodness sake!

Well, not matter how in shape I am in, the body still gets tired and worn without adequate rest.  I am there!

Lisa has ordered that I REST for two whole days--no cardio, no weights, no tennis! REST REST REST!

With my Women's team playing in the Semi-finals Sunday (yes, my teams are on a roll!) and physique goals still to accomplish, I am going to follow Lisa's orders.

Without adequate rest, Shay Shay can't maximize performance.

I'm listening Lisa! I'm listening--not just this week but I will practice RESTING every week!

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