Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Kitchen Workout

I am used to sweating it up in the gym, but today I put a workout in the kitchen!  

My usual fish, chicken, veggies, and sweet or white potato cooking is not a big deal for me. I can whip up these things while I am getting ready for work.

For Shay Shay, this is routine and easy.

But oh today! Today, I tried something new.  While in Augusta, my Teammate B brought salmon cakes he made. He was very generous to share (and later you'll learn just how generous), and while they looked delicious, I did not partake. 

He shared with me his recipe, but the main thing that intrigued me was that he used the sockeye salmon trimmings (what's left after they filet) from the Dekalb Farmers Market. He said that the trimmings are so cheap and perfect for making cakes.

Being Shay Shay, of course I picked up some trimmings while at the market this week.  They looked a little intimidating, but I do okay in the kitchen. I knew I could handle it! And at  $0.49/pound, how could I not at least try!

WELL LET ME TELL YOU!  I see exactly why the trimmings are so darn cheap! Who would charge you for something that takes so much work (oh, wait-personal trainers. LOL!).

I got the trimmings, my gloves, some newspapers, plastic bags, a bowl, and fork and started to picking.  Thankfully, the bones are HUGE so that does help maneuver around them to get the meat. 

Helps, but still a monumental task (I was SWEATING) until I remembered this (ah, Shay Shay next time ask B what HE used to get the meat off the bones/skin):

This little FREE from the grocery store knife SAVED my salmon cake experience!  This little baby made it very simple to just scrape the salmon off the bones and skin.  It also made it easier to make the cakes because the scraping pretty much minced the meat for me!  

This wonderful little knife (the rep at the grocery store was RIGHT ON when she called it the same thing) took my salmon trimmings from this:

to this:

Look at how pretty they are! 

Oh, and they taste great too! 

And YES, all that work for 3 cakes! Thankfully, my plan only allows me to eat one cake. So, I can freeze and enjoy two more times later!

I am glad to have learned about the salmon trimmings from my teammate. And after all that work, he was indeed SUPER GENEROUS to share his cakes. 

At first I was like: I will NEVER do this again. But I just may. You can't beat $0.49/pound. They were delicious, and once I got my handy knife it wasn't that bad.  I will just have to reserve such a task for a day like today when I don't have running around to do and can just chill at the house, cook, watch tennis, eat, cook, watch tennis . . . 

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