Friday, August 17, 2012

More Pictures Shay Shay!

My Sweetie informed me that his brother says, "if there are no pictures, then it didn't happen."

I do okay with the writing, but I am horrible with posting pictures of my journey.

I am going to do better.

Starting now!

I am working hard, staying on plan, getting lean, and popping out muscle!

This is MY bicep!

Muscle definition may not tickle your fancy, but I think muscles are beautiful when sculpted properly.

As I type I hear the voices:  "I don't like that! That arm looks like a dude!"

Good thing it is my arm and not the arm of those voices!

I am looking forward to seeing where I can take this physique of mine!

I am a LADY who loves HIGH HEELS and short skirts (I'll show my legs later) but also doesn't mind SWEATING, GETTING DIRTY, and GETTING RIPPED!

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