Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shay Shay Needed a Reality Check

I am definitely proud of my weight loss accomplishment to date, but I had to give myself a reality check this morning as I debated whether I would spend my morning on the couch or in the gym. Yeah, I think I'm looking really cute in those little black dresses (see October postings "Origins of Shay Shay" and "Enjoying Life in Beautiful Palm Springs"), but I have some fitness goals to meet (see them on the left of the page). Have I been putting in the whole-hearted effort to meet them? Not really.

Nutrition for me has not been my biggest hurdle. For some reason, I have managed to do well with eating clean (don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect). My issue has been pushing myself in the gym on a consistent basis to take my physique to the next level of fitness.

So, on this gorgeous fall day, I went deep into my dresser drawer; pulled out a very unforgiving workout top and headed to the gym where there are LOTS OF BIG MIRRORS!!! Looking at myself in that form fitting top and seeing my not so loving handles gave me the motivation I needed!

Come on Shay, Shay! Let's do this thing!

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