Thursday, August 19, 2010


I use to love eating jello as a kid, but I sure don't like my legs feeling like jello! Yesterday my work boot camp did lunges and squats. This morning Anna Mae trained my legs. I usually like (I use to say love, but not so much lately. (smile)) leg day. Leg day is usually a better day for me because my legs are pretty strong and shape up fairly quickly-compared to other parts of my body.

Well after yesterday's workout and all the leg work this morning, by the time I got to abs and doing scissors I could barely hold my legs up in the air to perform the move. My legs literally felt like jello--not the well congealed and firm jello that has been in the refrigerator overnight. My legs felt more like the squishy, giggly jello that has only been setting for about two hours.

Okay, stop the whining Shay Shay! No matter how tough leg day was today, it's worth it to know that when I put on a skirt, shorts, or a swimsuit my legs won't LOOK like that squishy, giggly two hour jello!

For that, I am grateful!

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